What does a performance poem look like on the page? The editors of Nine Cloud Journal are seeking poetic works from actors, writers, storytellers, filmmakers, monologuists, et al. that cues the reader into how a poem might be performed without the benefit of seeing it on the stage. As a starting point, submissions might include stage directions, lighting cues, italicized suggestions for emotions, and other parenthetical notes. 

These submissions can be accompanied by an audio or video component, but must include the print submission. This will be a PRINT journal but we are exploring avenues for promoting your audio or video presentation online. It is an unfortunate reality that many performance artists and members of the spoken word poetry community and theater professionals do not have the chance to perform due to COVID,  This is an opportunity to showcase their work and bridge the gap between page and stage poets. 

Topically we are interested in healing as a modality. Reflections on self care as political action. Resisting social pressures, body positivity, LGBTQ+ awareness, POC pride, Mental health awareness, and other self care issues. But we are open to what's on your mind.

Nine Cloud Journal