The Kristine Mann Library ( ) would like to invite the community to offer articles on relevant topics in Jungian and post-Jungian psychology and related esoteric research interests that connects to the contemporary dialogue. Our library has holdings in such topics as: transpersonal psychology, feminist studies, gender studies, women in mythology and religion, art therapies, trauma, psyche and soma (mind and body), symbolism, tarot, astrology, mysticism, Eros, Freudian studies, psychoanalysis, analytical psychology, indigenous studies, shamanism, Order (philosophy of science), and much more.

Contemporary issues include such topics as but not limited to: LGBTQ+ rights, Advocacy for mentally ill populations, transgender rights, feminist studies, indigenous rights, anti-racism, and many more.

Essays that reference works should properly cite those sources and include APA formatted citation(s). See online for citation machines if not familiar.

The articles will be scheduled ongoing in 2023 and will include appropriate links to contributors works and website. We encourage the contributor to repost these links to their social media and we're happy to tag and amplify their posts across social media platforms. Please include your social media tags in your bio.

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