Nine Cloud Journal is seeking poems, memoir essays, artwork, or flash prose. The prompt is “Releasing the Mandala.” We often create patterns in our life that we are stuck in. It takes a great deal of work to release the energy surrounding these psychic patterns of thought forms. Mandalas are often complex patterns that are then erased or released after they've served their functional purpose. These may manifest in the form of addictions, repeating thoughts or compulsions, or behavioral grooves we find ourselves in for long periods of time. There may also be other ways they appear. When we transform that energy by releasing it we let go of what doesn’t serve us while honoring their time in our lives. What are some ways you’ve personally achieved this?

Additional Guidelines: Feel free to play with both form and content in your sample. Submit up to 3 short pieces of poetry or art. Please limit essays and stories to no more than 3 pages or 750 words so editors can give fair attention to all submissions.

All submissions will require a $2.00 US submission fee to pay editor's prize and continue producing issues of Nine Cloud Journal.

3 editor's prizes will be awarded this issue. 1 for poetry 1 for essay or short story and 1 for art. $50 prize for each.

Nine Cloud Journal